Self Assessment Tax Return Services

Navigating the complex web of Self-Assessment tax returns can be daunting. From the initial registration to understanding which income to declare and identifying tax-deductible allowances, the process is riddled with complexities.

Mistakes aren't just confusing - they can be costly. With severe penalties for filing inaccurate tax returns, ensuring precision is paramount.

At Doshi Accountants, our team of experienced tax return accountants can guide individuals and small to medium-sized businesses through the details of tax returns. We're here to help you filing accurate tax returns to HMRC within tax return deadline.

Did you know? If you're self-employed, a company director, a business partner, or earning from property investments, you're required to complete a Self Assessment tax return. Even high earners under PAYE sometimes need to dive into the world of tax returns.

While there's no bar on filing your Self Assessment independently, the real challenge is ensuring you don’t overlook any reliefs or expense claims. Without expert guidance, you might inadvertently pay more tax than necessary.

Our promise as your trusted Self Assessment accountants? We strive to optimize your returns, ensuring you don't pay a penny more than required while also ensuring timely submissions.

Serving clients across Croydon, London, Bromley, and the UK, we cater to diverse clientele—from freelancers and company directors to property moguls.

Most employees relish the simplicity of the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, where taxes are effortlessly deducted from salaries. However, for the vast majority of the self-employed community, a meticulous self-assessment tax return submission is vital to ensure accurate taxation.

Ready to simplify your Tax Return journey?

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Who needs to file a self assessment tax return?

Majority of self employed people needs to file Self assessment tax return who do not have their tax deducted at source which enable HMRC to tax them accurately on their earning.

If any of the below applies to you or you have received any untaxed income in various heads:

  • You were self-employed as a ‘sole trader’ and earned more than £1,000 (before taking off anything you can claim tax relief on)
  • You are a partner in a business partnership
  • Money from renting out a property
  • Income from savings, investments and dividends
  • Foreign income
  • Claim tax reliefs
  • If you are receiving child benefits and your / your partner's income is over £50,000

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How much does accountant charge for tax return?

The cost of an accountant for tax return is based on a few factors, such as where you live, how complex your financial situation is, and the experience of the accountant.

We do Tax Planning Automatically every time we prepare your Self Assessment Tax Return - Individuals

Annual Income £ Fees ex VAT
Up to £ 79k £ 175
£ 80k – £ 124k £ 200
£125k + £ 250
Partnership Tax Return + 2 Partners Self-Assessment Returns

Combined Annual Income of Partners in £ Fees ex VAT
£ 0 – £ 99k £ 350
£ 100k – £ 149k £ 400
£ 150k – £ 199k £ 500
£ 200k + £ 600
For each additional Partner add £ 175 ex vat

Our Self-Assessment Tax Return Process

  • Our self assessment accountant will contact you in May of each year to collect your SA information
  • You need to give us all your income records for the tax year 6 April to 5 April; i.e. employment, self-employment, partnership, property, dividends, interest, pension and also let us know of capital gains and losses, gifts and donations made, etc.
  • Our self-assessment tax return filing team will constantly remind you of what documents needed through Phone, E-mail and Letter.

What you will get

  • We will file your Tax Returns online to H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) well before the statutory deadlines. We will give you a copy and all necessary schedules.
  • We will include all types of incomes & reliefs: Employment, Self-Employment, Dividends, Rent, Interest, Pension, Gift, Capital Gains, Capital Losses, Donations, and Overseas Income etc.
  • Our Accountants will discuss your Tax Return and liability with you.
  • We will help you with self assessment and give Accounting and Tax Planning advice.
  • We will return your documents.
  • Unlimited Advice on daily Accounting and Tax matters at no extra cost.

We do Tax Planning automatically every time we prepare your Self-Assessment Tax Return

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