HMRC Tax Investigation Services

The number of tax investigations are increasing every year. Whether it is a business, a director or an individual taxpayer, HMRC can investigate anyone.

Normally, a basic tax investigation costs more than £5,000, and can last almost a year and a half. You can't recover the cost from the tax authorities even if HMRC doesn’t find any errors and you successfully defend yourself against HMRC.

Doshi Accountants offers you a Tax Investigation Service that covers the cost of work we have to do towards an investigation. With our tax investigation service, you will have peace of mind should you be investigated. We have experienced tax investigation specialists to assist you in the HMRC investigation to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If you are having any query or looking for tax investigation service near by, call us on : 020-8239-4999

Level Of Tax Enquiry We Handle

We handle all types of Tax enquiries, from the simple random enquiries on your Self-Assessment Tax Returns filed to identification of offshore assets & income to a full-blown enquiry on how your business operates & if your accounts are spot on to the very serious Code of Practice 9 (cop 9) investigations and criminal investigations.

We are fully aware of the stress these enquiries have upon you. It is common for these enquiries to take 2 years or more from start to finish. We will give you our full support and in essence hold your hand through this difficult period.

Tax Investigation Fees

We offer fixed fees for our work, all agreed in advance with you before we start the investigation.

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