The Accountant’s Secret to Delivering Effective Virtual Presentations

Accountants Virtual Presentation

September 04, 2020

The virtual world has opened out like a Pandora’s box all thanks to Covid 19. Now it is not just getting the accounts right that matter, but how techno savvy you are also determines how well you are able to retain those clients. Virtual presentations can be seen as both a boon and a curse depending on which end of the spectrum you are. But what you need to remember when perfecting the art of the perfect presentation is that mere presentation isn’t everything. The key secret to delivering effective virtual presentations can be capsuled in a simple word: CONTENT.

C – For Content of course!

No matter how well you have presented something, what matters at the end of the slide is that the viewer is able to take something of worth from it. Though the kernel of truth may not be the same for everyone, there needs to be something gained from the experience otherwise the viewer will not feel satisfied even with the best of presentation. Hence, while you shouldn’t go overboard with the content, present things of interest and importance in simple layman terms. The comprehensive and catchier the better as business accounting is an inexhaustible subject!

O – Observe

Before jumpstarting the creative aspect, it is best to observe how your competition is doing things so that you can think different or improvise. Also, by observing you can note how people are reacting to what has been thrown to them at present. Thus, instead of a hit and miss approach you at least have some tangible reference point.

N – Notice

Notice possible questions that keep recurring and try to address them. Or if you feel things will get too elaborative you could always leave some additional tools for answering these questions like a FAQ bank or video or the reference to the particular website.

T – Target Audience Sync

You need to first consider who you are building the presentation for. There can be general presentations and those that have specific audiences in mind. Do remember that you have a limited span of time to catch attention, perhaps the first 10 seconds of fame in this case. Hence, it makes sense to use this window of opportunity wisely. Not everyone wants the same accountancy services after all.

E – Educate

Information and the exchange of it is a pre-ordained requirement. Though you don’t have to spell everything about accounts at least you can give a glimpse of how having the books all sorted and ready can aid your client and also, how you can work towards this innovatively of course.

N – New information

What will help in separating you from the rest is also defined by what you can share. If you are able to provide new insights or keep people updated, they will be more interested in what you share.

T – The presentation

There is no getting away from this. Presentation matters because not only does it look good but also helps to provide a pleasing structure. They might say don’t judge a book by its cover but then, how true does that go in reality?

The bottom line is that pandemic or no pandemic, a new frontier has opened. People have already felt the impact of technology and so there is no closing that particular Pandora’s box. In fact, it is high time that the field of accounts embraces it as technology will make things easier even for a tax advisor. Having a ready to fire structure presentation not only will save your time (and breath) but also leave you with time on your hands to further innovate and explore new avenues. Afterall, marketing is a never-ending story.