Effective ways to Support our Clients in the New Normal

Effective ways to Support our Clients

December 07, 2020

The disturbance created by this pandemic has been very challenging for all the businesses. And it’s crystal clear that associated problems with Covid-19 will be there for longer than expected. By taking appropriate action to support your clients and offer them valuable service will not only help you to be trusted accountants but also put you in their trusted advisers list. These series of steps will ensure that you assist your clients and offer them the best value in work you provide.

By now, we have all become rather familiar with the frequent challenges triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most entrepreneurs are working tough to keep up the momentum and regulate their business strategies to the “new normal”. The key question is how can we successfully manage to not only become accustomed to the “new normal”, but actually define it and get better in our brand positioning while doing so?

During these unprecedented times, businesses and consumers have to adapt to new ways of working and this is already having a significant impact on client service teams. Many industries are seeing uncontrollable spikes in call volumes as well. Others are witnessing volumes drop off, for instance, the insurance and automotive sectors.

Yet there are certain areas which responsive accountants are likely to help with. Below are some important pointers you can use to give your clients the support they are looking for as they tackle the challenges due to Covid19 situation. A responsive accountant can offer the support in the following ways:

Communicate regularly with the clients

It is essential to keep in touch with your clients so that they don’t feel neglected. Keeping up contact with your clients is not so expensive and time-consuming. There are many ways that you can easily connect with them and it is a good business practice and helps you to uphold a superb reputation among them.

Provide the right knowledge

It is imperative to understand that client knowledge of the emergency corona virus government legislation might be limited – and being in the client service be prepared to fill that gap. For example, the client might be unaware with the Job Retention Scheme being extended until December 2020, and also regarding furloughing staff is an option that’s back again. But it is a fact that all the businesses may need to gain knowledge of employment and contract law to ensure things are done accurately. Accountants are expected to have this knowledge and make their client’s life easy in financial matters.

Be a Trusted Adviser – Not Just an Accountant

In a recent survey of small businesses, respondents note what bothers them the most about their accountants:

  • - Lacking pro-activeness
  • - A lack of proper guidance
  • - Failure to offer the correct advice
  • - Failure to inform the business owners

Small-business owners expect more from an accountant than someone who can simply crunch numbers. You have a different view to the bigger-picture issues that might affect their business finances, so it is essential to talk with them about their long-term goals – and then guide them towards achieving those goals. Most of us will agree that becoming a trusted adviser has proved an effective way for many client firms to retain their business.

Provide technical support

Customer Service and Technical Support both have their unique roles in any organization. One thing is very important to remember here, the focus of customer service is on the experience of the customer while technical support focuses on resolving a technical problem in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

You should mull over on adding customer service practices to your existing clients. Nowadays with the conversion to the digital business, technical competency is much more needed in today’s time. Customers want to have great experience with your offerings. This support helps to build the partnerships that go beyond the initial purchase. It simply let them know that you understand their goals and that you can help accomplish them as well.

By going an extra mile to offer the assistance that your clients require at this time, not only will you be helping them to get through these tough times of uncertainty, you’ll also give your practice the best opportunity to keep thriving in the future.